EvilEye Games is a company started for hope and fueled with passion for the technological world. Our primary focus and business directive is strongly focused on video games and the immense industry that surrounds it. Our plans and goals are not small nor simple to achieve, but we truly believe in making them a reality.

If you are reading this now, you are seeing what we consider only the beginning... quite literally. It took a long time to get this website created and even longer to get it in its current state. This is the 9th revision of the site and we state with confidence that it is the final major revision for a very long time to come. We will be continuing to develop new features and services for the site, so please do keep an eye on what we are doing here.

You Know Our Past

If you are one of the few that have seen our previous websites, all I can really say is I am sorry for their lack of continuity and virtually anything useful and good. In those days, I was learning everything as I developed and didn't really understand how to make what I wanted to make. This time around, while not flawless, we have done a lot better. I can at least promise you that there won't be any more "lost data" - meaning, as things change and grow here, the data you see and create today will be accounted for and continue to live on into our future systems. 

I could spend hours talking about the short-comings of our previous web installments, but that does us no good. One of the key things we are doing to forcing our minds to look to the future... really boasting the "no use crying over spilt milk" saying. We have huge plans for the future and even some nice things going on here now. So let's focus on that stuff.

What We Do

We do a lot. First and foremost, all of the "top guys" here at EvilEye Games work full time jobs aside from what they do with the company; which is also why things tend to take longer than we want them to. Currently, we are offering simple free services through our community for our users to take advantage of. These services are all free at the moment and please don't start to think we would suddenly price these basic services after they get popular because we won't. If we say its free, then it will be free. If we say we are going to charge a small fee some day, then it is possible that you may see some small fees pop up eventually.

Free For Life Services currently include: All access user accounts with profile and messaging system; gaming team management system with ranking, stats, and loads of customizable options; and techology focused articles written to be short and full of good information.

Economically Priced Services currently include: Computer repairs, custom web and application development, formal training and assistance, and home or business networking. All of these are on request only and require some exchange of information so we can give you the lowest priced quote possible.

Focused on the Future Directives

Our plan and dream is to become a fully functioning game development studio. We are quite a distance from that goal, but making steady progress to bring us closer nearly every day. We want to maintain our community here and let to grow into something much larger; but know that we will never become to large to care about our users. We are here for you. We hope you enjoy the small beginnings we have in place for you and hope you become as excited as we are to see it expand.


Dark Snake 747
CEO of EvilEye Games