Why should you join our site? That is a great question, but the answer really depends on you. I know that sounds like something you're told when there is no real answer, but I assure you we are not "just saying it".

Some people join because they work with us or have hired us to do work for them. These people are sort of stuck. They needed to join because of their professional involvement. So let's take those users out of the mix. Why should anyone else be interested? What is in it for them?

Again, this depends on what you are interested in. We designed our community to cater to gamers as well as technical minded individuals. On top of that, we certainly do not hinder the general public from joining. If you aren't technical and don't like games, you may not find a lot here of interest, but you can still enjoy the member only features... we don't mind. Each of these user groups will have different reasons for joining.

In general, here is what a member account will currently get you. As new features are released, we will try and keep this list up to date.

  • Comment on articles and other content
  • Message other community members (including EvilEye Games staff)
  • Maintain a custom public profile and separate gaming profile if your a gamer
  • Create and manage a gaming team
  • Unlock fun achievements called "Nuggets" just for using the site


Gamers have the easiest decision when it comes to joining - especially if they game with a team. If they don't have a team, now is a good time to make one. Our gaming team system currently allows users to create a team, add members, and then control the members' ranking and what they can do on the team interface. Beyond that, this system will give teams a central place to communicate with a team only forum and chat room. The system will even allow team's to track their statistics indefinitely. Not all of these features are complete yet, but you can still get your team created and reserve the team's name for your own. You can also build your the roster now and specify what games your team will play and provide details about your team itself. And the team system is just a part of what we are doing here. If you like games at all, you really should create an account here.

Technical people should join because they can post comments to our technical articles. Also, as time moves on, we will be putting up some fun tutorials for various technologies and only members will be able to comment on those as well. Aside from commenting, there will be a forum that only members can post to that could prove to be beneficial. We also encourage anyone with technical questions or problems to contact us directly for input or assistance. We will also be releasing User Journals soon. That could be a great place to publically log your technical thoughts and see what others think of them. Other than that, we do not have a lot to offer the technical users just yet; but our features will be growing to include them more and more as time progresses.

General users - join because you can. This may be a great way to meet new friends, get involved with a good online community, or even discover a new interest in the technical and/or gaming worlds. Hope to see you in there!

As a member, you will also have the ability to request promotions and access to other parts of our system where you can contribute directly to our site's collection of content. We are always looking for fresh minds.

Thanks for reading!