Site Manual

Welcome to EvilEye Games! More specifically, welcome to our help manual. Now, some of you might be looking at this and verbally stating, "Really?" or "Are you serious?" or, my favorite, "What the <insert curse word of choice here>?", but don't judge us. This is here for fun, sort of.

Firstly, we don't expect you to read this. And by "this" we mean any of the pages in the manual (listed on the left). To be completely honest, we don't even expect you to read these words right here. In fact, most of you probably clicked away from this page in the first 20 seconds of it loading on your screen. So, all that said, what is purpose? Why would we actively "waste" the time?

We have created this manual for a few key reasons: fun, help, and it being the "game" thing to do.

Why is fun? Cause I like to write... I like to talk... so of course I am going to enjoy writing pages of content that will rarely be read. Especially considering that I can be myself here and use a little personality with it all.

How is this help? When something on our site could use some explaining, we will add a page or set of pages to the manual to better explain it. Don't worry, we will always try to be as short as possible while still being as verbose as we need to be. A good example, though we have added some unnecessary content to these pages, would be the pages listing the Nuggets... and if you don't know what a Nugget is, you can find that out on the appropriate on the left.

What do I mean "the game thing to do"? Well, if you have ever bought a game from a store, a lot of times it came with a manual. Yes, a physical book with paper pages covered in ink that would explain various elements of the game. So, following the path of our idolized gaming industry seemed like a good idea.

Hope you enjoyed reading and I hope you enjoy your time on our site. Thanks!