Site Manual

Many don't really know the full history of our company, but we started out as literally nothing more than a gaming team. That said, we know a bit about team unity and the importance (as well as fun) of using well-oiled teamwork in games. The problem was that there wasn't a large enough, flexible enough system to handle our teams needs outside of the games... until now. We have set out to create the best possible management system for gaming teams.

How have we approached this task? By implementing a series of solid features that allow teams to control everything that makes them who they are... and offering it for free.

What features? Roster management with predefined roles allowing the right members to manage the right stuff; customizable profiles that allow teams to specify everything down to the name of their entry-level ranked members; flexible statistic tracking that provides support for nearly any game; forum and chat tools to encourage and simplify team communication; a complex challenging system allowing teams to compete directly with other teams.

This system is a block in our foundation. To better understand all the features and how things really work, you should consider reading the sections in our manual below this one.