Site Manual

Let me say this - You can track any stat for any game ever made with our team tools.

If that seems ridiculous, I would have to agree. In fact, I am sure that if you got really specific, you could find some cases where that statement could be untrue. However, I truly believe that in those limited (currently unknown) cases, there would never be a sincere desire to even track statistics. Therefore, I think the statement is actually true enough.

We allow a team to select any game and select the game type played on that game. Based on the game type (could be game-specific or completely generic), we allow specific and common stats to be tracked. The possible stats include a generic score, generic time (for time-based objective game types), kills, deaths, flag captures, returns, stops, and drops (for capture the flag, or other object, objective game types). Which stats we collect depends on the game type you select. Its generic enough to apply to any case we could think of. More importantly though, it is unified enough that we can give you cross-game statistical summaries. Granted they may not be the most accurate because not all games are truly comparable to one another and one game could skew the overall summaries, but we still allow you to do it.

The only downside currently is that the process of entering stats is completely manual. We do what we can to make it easy and quick, but we want to improve upon this even more in the future.

I'm sure that reads a lengthy as it felt when typing it. Honestly, if you are a gamer and play with friends - join our site, create a team, and check out what we offer. It's all free so you literally have nothing to lose.