Site Manual

A team's name is often near and dear to the hearts of its members; it is also the single element that people use to identify a team. This means the names must be unique. If you have a team name and do not register it soon enough, someone else could take it. At that point there is not much we can do about it; however, given the situation, you may have some luck.

Team Names, while vital to a team and our system, are not so set in stone that you cannot change them. We allow the name of a team to be changed freely assuming the name you are trying to change to is available. It is important to note that if you change your name, your previous name becomes available and could then be taken by another team, so be careful messing around with your team's name.

If your team's name has been taken and you really want it, let our support team know and we can contact the team with the name and see if they would be interested in giving you the name. It is possible they don't care as much about the name or are not playing anymore and are fine with giving it up. However, it they do not agree to willingly give the name up, our involvement ends. At that point your only hope is if the team is disbanded, renames their team, or becomes inactive.