Site Manual

When a team is created, the creator becomes the admin of that team - officially titled the Team Leader. Only one person per team can hold this title at a time. This person is able to do anything with the team, even if their team rank says they shouldn't be able to - as the admin, they have no limitations. On this page, we will briefly discuss the powers and responsibilities of the admin role. This also applies to team members who have been assigned to ranks that grant them special administrative powers.

Leaving the Team. One thing that an admin cannot do is simply abandon his or her team to join another. Before they can join the ranks of another team, they have to first make some final decision for the current team. They can pass the torch by "Appointing a New Leader" or they can throw it all away by "Disbanding the Team".

With appointing a new leader, the current admin simply selects another member from the team to promote to the new admin. This cannot be undone and once completed, the previous admin will have lost all admin powers and be left with the powers his or her rank provides.

With disbanding a team, all of the members are kicked off the team (including the admin) and the team is set to a disbanded state. Disbanded teams can still be viewed publicly for historical purposes, but nothing more. An admin could later come back and revive the team, assuming no one else claimed the team's name for their own. If a team is revived, the previous members of the team will not automatically be rejoined as an active member. Instead, the once again active admin will have a clean slate to work with and need to rebuild the team's roster - though other data such as awards, ranks, and statistics would be retained and reactivated with the team.

Customization is a Critical Key. A team should be unique in some way and we do our best to provide the tools needed to separate a team from the rest. As part of the administration of a team, things like awards, ranks, and profile settings should be customized to the team's preference. We even allow these features to be turned off entirely if a team is not interested in it. It is a good idea to read over all the manual pages under this section (III. Gaming Teams) to better understand each customizable piece.

You as a Leader. Whether you are a team's admin or just a member given the ability to do things, it is imperative that you recognize the power and responsibility in your hands. If you don't use the tools we provide, your team will bland and have little to offer its members. On the flip side, using our tools could give your team a place to call their own with fun things to work toward, a dependable source for team-wide communication, and the ability to track statistics to monitor progress and experience from game to game, round to round, and player to player. Don't just sign up and forget about it. Click around on the interface and take note of what we are giving you.