Site Manual

A team's profile is essentially what defines the team to the public and to its members. The profile contains a list of settings that can be tailored to meet that team's needs. The values provided in the profile is what we also use to build your public web page.

In the profile, access is given to manage the list of games a team supports, the list of game platforms a team uses, any standard play time scheduling, team rules, and a blurb that generally describes the team. There are settings there to toggle support of the team's chat, forum, challenges, and award system as well. Each team is also allowed to maintain a customized ranking system for their members or use one of our predefined templates. This also holds the defining factors of team such as the team's name, icon, and motto.

The profile is also where the general settings that control member recruitment are made. These settings include the type of recruitment a team supports, the team's gaming style, and any limit on the number of players they may have. Now, if anyone read that and said "there it is, they limit the team sizes"... please do not confuse this. WE do NOT enforce a team limit; however, the team can set a limit for itself. This is a feature for those that don't want their team to get too big.