Site Manual

Roles are more of a mental distinction between members than anything else. There are 3 or 4 assumed "roles" when looking at a structured team. You have the top leaders that make the executive decisions, then come the trusted members that act on the behalf of the leader to get things done. After that sit the common member; these are people who you know and play regularly with the team. These are all followed by the recruits who are generally new to the team and don't know many (if any) other members and are not really trusted or seasoned with the team's culture.

Our system does not really enforce any of these roles with the exception of the Team Leader, or administrator. When a team is registered, the creator is initially set to be the Team Leader. The Team Leader is responsible for managing all of the critical tasks for a team. He/She have the ability to disband a team, change settings, and freely edit the team's profile. It is also his/her duty to manage the roster and the rankings.

Rank shows a members position in the team. Our predefined ranking systems are simple and provide just the needed amount of divided control to have those you trust helping you manage the team and those below them safely away from the controls. However, we understand that this may not be good enough for you and allow your team to maintain its own ranking system. It gives you the ability to specify the individual permissions each rank will have. And if you decide to try your own system and just don't like it, your always only a few clicks away from reactivating one of our default systems. So don't be afraid to check it out.