Site Manual

A lot of companies start with an idea - people need something and we can provide it for a fee. In fact, every successful business out there has problem had that sort of thought. Keeping this in mind, it was a goal of mine to figure out how we could say something like that right now. The truth is, we can't really... not right now. Though, we do have services to offer, we just don't really push them onto our target audience. We also have a pretty solid plan for the future that will result in us having products to sell, but again, they aren't ready to sell now.

You may be wondering then, "what do we have" or "what can we do". Both good questions. First, I'll address what we have. We have brain power and determination... of course we cannot sell that directly so we offer it in the form of broad categories like educational training or general assistance; fully custom development of computer applications (on and off the internet); and computer servicing (such as virus removal, custom machine builds, upgrades, etc). We can do a lot and we love to help people, so there is a business there... it's just hard to clearly define. We pride ourselves on being fast-learning and compassionate toward things in the world of technology. So if you have trouble and it involves technology, contact us and see if we can help. We enjoy a challenge... assuming we have the time.

In terms of products we offer (or plan to offer), it can all be summed up as games, web sites, and/or other software. That is our real focal point.