Behind every great company, there are great people. While EvilEye Games may not be great yet, we still have a lot of people to thank for the help and support with making everything (so far) possible.

First and foremost, the love and support from my wife. Without this Bean, I wouldn't have nearly the amount of drive and dedication to work on things tirelessly into the night. So thanks for being there, believing in me, and looking at/listening to all my crazy ideas. I love ya!

Following close behind is my family; who always encouraged me to do my best and aim for the stars. I've not hit any stars yet, but I am working hard to make it happen soon. Lots of love to you all - Mom, Dad, Sisters, and Brother.

Next up are my friends. Boast, who unintentionally created more work for me time and time again, but offered a world of technical knowledge in exchange. Thanks for all your help with this. Target and Snowman, if you read this, it has been a while since either of you were involved, but a lot of what you had done in the past has not been forgotten and was reused in this most recent iteration. I'm sure there are dozens more, but to be fair, these are the big names behind our humble beginnings to now. Thank you for everything you've contributed.

Lastly, I thank you, our users for stopping by and using our site... and reading this (if you are). You are the reason we do anything, so thank you caring enough to read. We hope you choose to get really involved here; but if not, no hard feelings. Your presence is still appreciated. Our content creators are included in this thank you, but I wanted to call specific attention to them. You make this site what is and will help it become what we want; so I deeply thank you for that.

Thanks again for reading and enjoy your stay.