Site Manual

If you just created your first team, this is a great reference to look at to get a high-level overview of what to do next.

On your team's interface, you will see a menu on the left (similar to the one here on our manual). Near the bottom of that menu, you will see an option for "Team Management". Click that and you will be taken to the management menu screen featuring a list of large red buttons. This is where you will go to do anything for your team in terms of settings, configuration, and general management. Being that you are new to this (we assume), the first place to go will be the last button - "Team Setup and Settings".

Team Setup and Settings. Here you can do a lot of things, but the important ones to start with may be to set your ranking structure up - custom or not - and to upload an icon. Some attention to those two items will go a long way in defining your team. One of the more important things here is with the ranking structure. You really should set the Initial Rank for your structure. You can do that in the rank settings. The initial rank is what determines which rank a new team member is set to by default. If none is set, it will use the lowest rank in your structure. After all that, you may want to check the options for your team's profile, but that can come later as well.

From here, head back to the management menu and turn your attention to the "Supported Games and Systems".

Supported Games and Systems. This is a vital step in your team's setup. Here you specify what gaming systems your team plays on and what games on those systems are played. Your actively supported games are the only games you can enter stats for. The same list is also used when a user is searching for a team by game played and also when a team searches for a user that owns a specific game. It is also critical in the process of challenging. Teams cannot challenge teams to a match on a game that both teams do not support. In other words, be sure to build your list!

From here, go back to the management menu and choose your own path. The next logical step is to build your roster. A team isn't much without members. And we have tools in place to help you find potential members.

Lastly, trust us. We developed all of this out of passion for games and the desire to provide something fun and useful to the common gamers. It is all free of charge to use with no limitations. If there is something that you dislike or wish worked different, let us know. You may be surprised by how much we will do to help make things better for you.