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Gaming Style:Pro-Recreational
About Gaming
I am kind-hearted guy that loves to have fun, but I also love to win. I give my all to every game I play not because losing sucks, but because I have fun "living" the experience while its happening. Regardless of whether I'm running through a field of zombies and witches (Left for Dead 2) or building a hut for the night in Minecraft. I just love games and the worlds they give us to explore.
My Games
I enjoy a ton of different titles. First person shooters like COD, Battlefield, and Halo are some of my favorites. Though I do prefer games that require or at least allow for a decent level of teamwork to be applied to its gameplay. I really miss the console title Chromehounds from the Xbox 360's early years.

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Current Team:DarkEye Gaming Clan
Not Interested
Team Message
If you are a team looking to recruit me... I'm not interested. See you on the battlefields!