With the start of a new year comes a refreshing sense of renewal. We have big plans (as usual) and hope to see a lot of them come to life in these next 365 days.

The primary item I want to mention is with our articles. While we hope to increase the number of articles and frequency of them, we also hope their content can continue to grow into more useful and interesting topics. We are always open to suggestions if someone is interested in hearing our thoughts on something specific. One thing that will be starting early in 2014 are 2 new types of articles: Learning Web Development and PHP: Yii Framework.

Both types are focusing on more technical topics, but we strongly encourage those interested in web development or those currently in the industry that use the Yii Framework to read what we post in these articles. The Learning Web Development series is just that - a series of articles geared toward teaching people how to development web applications. It will start with the assumption that the reader has no knowledge or experience. More advanced readers may need to start with a later article, but this is a perfect thing to get into. The world needs more developers; more people to understand web development. If you are interested in this stuff, are bored a lot, or even just waste time online - you could read these and really learn something.

The first article of this type will be coming very soon and will be more of an introduction than anything. It will focus on letting you know what your are getting into and a little about myself so there is some credibility to what I am telling you. Also, as a warning, these articles will not be a few lines of text. They will be rather long... but I'll try not to make them too boring or dry. smiley

Other things to look for in the nearer future: some serious changes and enhancements to our gaming team system; community forums and chat rooms; more content (including game focused content such as reviews); and on the outer edge of the future... the first titles for our community arcade.

Don't forget, you can join the site for free and message me at any time - name's Snake. If you are interested in getting involved with anything we are trying to do, I would love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading and have an outstanding (and safe) New Year!