I look back and find my lack of content here to be... funny. We aren't dead. We still have big plans, but things have definitely moved away from our currently projected objectives. Gaming teams? Another community? Game reviews?

The thing is, EvilEye Games was started for one thing - to make games. And so far we have been failing hardcore at that "simple" task. However, we've been business. Over the years, my growing needs for certain web products has driving a lot of productive, non-game development; and that is finally starting to pay off.

So what does this mean and why am I talking to anyone (no one?) about it? It's simple, EvilEye Games will be coming back. I hope some time this year. After more than a year of inactivity, I came here and realized things needed to change. I personally love a lot of the features I have developed for this site over the years. I definitely learned a lot through developing this and, aside from a lot of the graphic choices, I truly am pleased with what I have accomplished here. That said, it is time to give a lot of the stuff a rest, for now at least.

When we come back full speed, it is going to be more of a simple portal to see what we are doing. We will still have free user accounts for those that want them and I am sure features like the forums and such will return. A lot of the game data and community stuff is going to go away. It's just not popular and I don't have the time to focus on it anymore. We may still post some articles on games and the industry... actually, we will probably post more than we do now.

That said, if you are still checking us here. We've got a plan. Don't let us go just yet.