If you are a member of Club Nintendo and haven't heard yet, the program will be shut down in June of this year. Here are some critical dates to remember and things you'll want to keep in mind. Before I get to the sour notes, let me excitedly state that Nintendo does plan on releasing a new program of some kind to replace Club Nintendo, but no details on that are available at this time.

  • 1/20/2015 - Games released after January 20th 2015 will not include Club Nintendo codes
  • 3/31/2015 - The last day to register a new account or earn coins with existing codes is March 31st 2015
  • 6/30/2015 - June 30th 2015 will be the last day you can access your account and exchange coins for rewards


To be clear, at exactly 11:59 PM, Pacific Time, on June 30th 2015, Club Nintendo will be shut down.

You can still earn your Gold or Platinum status; the special rewards will be available in April.

Here are some relevant links:
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Official Club Nintendo Discontinuation Letter
Club Nintendo Elite Status Gifts (Gold/Platinum)

Personally, I am disappointed to see the program go, but excited to see what they do next. Perhaps you feel differently or maybe agree? Post your thoughts, comments, and questions below! Thank you for reading.