We have a lot of planned features for the future of EvilEye Games. To ensure our site doesn't just die, we will be releasing select features at specific intervals of time. Our goal is to turn these features out within weeks rather than months or years. The other part of this plan is keeping the community not only informed, but involved in the process. Right now, there is not a lot of room to adjust of plans, but please take a mment and post a comment letting us know what you would like to see here. We are really open to anything, so share your thoughts.

As it stands, these features are our next targets:

  • Online interface for our clients
  • Gaming team match stat tracking
  • Community forum
  • User journals
  • General UI enchancements


Again, this is a small subset of our planned features, but they will add a lot of value to our site. I hope to get some good feedback here, but if not, is no worry. Things are still just getting started.

More details on these features and more will be released here. So be sure to check back soon.