EvilEye Games has completed their first official game: Sneaky Agent Man. It was made in 6 days calendar time with dramatically less actual time to work and prevented every night from providing a normal, healthy sleep pattern. With only two developers on hand, we made the decision to use RPG Maker as an engine - which I am quite pleased with overall. There were some caveats to this decision, but ultimately it was fun and simple to work with. We were developing against the clock to compete in the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. Check out our entry here: EvilEye Games' Sneaky Agent Man 2014 Entry

The contest goal was to make a game in a month's time. We got a late start and had began working on a story-driven game, but decided a week before the deadline that we needed to do something else if we were going to make the deadline. The story-driven game was just demanding more time than we had to give it.

With a new idea, a lot less time to work, and a case of iced coffee, we set out to complete this thing the best we could. To be honest, we are quite pleased. While we recognize room for improvement, we see a fun game that carries with it some serious challenge at times. We hope to make a lot more games in the future and don't feel this one shapes our path in anyway from here on out, but it is our first complete and official game.

We will provide download information soon. Thanks for reading. Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Post below!