As of 3:00AM today, we have some new features on the site... though, most won't actually be seen. The items we added are more geared toward our business than our community. SORRY!!

That said, we now give a little to the community; but where do we start with so much in our plans? There are number of features we are going to be juggling to get all done and pushed out to the public for use. These features include:

  1. Giving members a way of managing "friends" on our site
  2. Giving gaming teams the ability to track their game stats
  3. Enhancing some of the gaming team management screens
  4. Giving members their own personal journal to write entries in - private or shared


Its sad we are still barely scratching the surface of our goals, but we are still on target and will continue to develop this site and community over time. Stay posted here for anything new and please do share your thoughts about what we are doing here.

Thanks for reading!